Bengali Dimer Biriyani

Biryani first came to Bengal when the British East India Company imprisoned the last Mughal nawab in Kolkata. And this biriyani has evolved into its Bengali variations ever since. This Mughlai dish is prepared with fine rice, delicately cooked meat and flavored with saffron or rose water. In this recipe, instead of using meat, we used eggs and our family variation of the biriyani masala. Here are the ingredients:




The recipe consists of several steps:
The eggs are first boiled, shelled and marinated.
The rice is boiled 3/4th way and left aside.
Thinly sliced onion rings are fried and saved aside.
The biriyani spices are sauteed with onions and cooked with the egg.
The rice, egg curry and the onion rings are then layered with saffron and steamed covered.


Marinate the hard boiled eggs with turmeric powder and salt. Cut the eggs in two halves, preferably along long ends – (something we have not done here) and then marinate the cut side as well. Leave the marinated eggs aside as well.
Cook rice only about to three quarters of its completion and set the rice aside. For direction of rice cooking you can check out our “How to cook basmati rice video.
In a small bowl containing the saffron add the milk and mix and then set it aside.

Turn on heat under a wok. When the wok is moderately hot, add oil. Add the thinly sliced onion in the hot oil. Then continue stirring till the onion becomes slightly brown. Remove the onion from the pan and put it on a paper towel over a plate and leave it aside. In the leftover hot oil add the chopped onion. And stir till the onion becomes transparent. Then add garlic, ginger, chopped Chili. Stir the mixture for a minute and then add turmeric powder, salt and the biriyani masala. Mix for a minute and then add yogurt, diced tomato. Mix and continue heating till the tomato becomes paste. Add water and heat for a minute. Add cilantro and then the eggs. Carefully mix with the spices. Then cover and cook for 2-3 minutes. The eggs should be done by now. Turn off the heat.

Assemble the rice, the egg, fried onions, chopped mint leaves, lemon juice and saffron around the rice. Loosen the rice and mix it with the saffron. Then mix it with the mint leaves and then the lemon juice. Mix all well. Make a layer of this rice in a new container. Add some of the egg curry and spread it evenly on top. Spread a layer of fried onion on that. Continue making layers of rice, egg curry and onion rings in that order. And The last layer should be rice. Cover the container with aluminum foil and close it tightly. Put the covered container in an oven pre-heated to 400 degrees Farenheit. Heat for about ten minutes. Then bring it out and open the aluminum cover. Carefully mix the rice with eggs and the onion and spread the mixture evenly. The egg biriyani is now complete.

Serve biriyani hot along with some Indian salad, like raita.

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