Gongura Chutney

Used all over India, Gongura Chutney, is a common sour chutney. In the Bengal region it is used as a side dish with the vegetables or Daals (lentil). Sometimes, though, it is eaten alone with the rice, usually at the end of a meal but before the desserts. Here we describe a very easy and simple preparation of the chutney.


1. Gongura Saag                                                       1 large bunch

2. Vegetable or mustard oil                                                                             1 tbs

3. Salt                                                                          To taste

4. Dry Red chili                                                                    1 – 2

5. Black Mustard seed                                                            1 tsp


1. Wash the Gongura Saag and then chop it to small size. Leave it aside.

2. Add oil to a moderately hot pan; split the dry red chili into two and add to the hot oil.

3. To the sizzling chili add the mustard seed.

4. As the seeds starts to crackle , add the chopped saag

5. Mix them well

6. As the leaves soften, add salt

7. Mix

8. Then cover the pan and let the leaves cook

9. After 3 to 4 minutes, open the cover

10. Check to see if the saag is cooked.

11. Continue stirring till the mixture dries to the desired consistency

12. This completes the most simple preparation of Gongura Chutney

Serve the chutney as a an accompaniment with Daal or vegetable curry. Or you can use it with rice as ambal or tok as in a Bengali diet.

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