Dim Jhal

Dim jhal is an interesting and easy recipe for cooking tasty egg curry.

You will need the following ingredients for making the Dim Jhal.


Hard boil 5 eggs and then peel those

Add 1 tsp turmeric powder

Swirl the eggs to coat with turmeric powder

Add salt

Marinate the eggs

Set that side

Chop the cilantro

And set this aside to be used later

Turn on the stove

Place the skillet

Add oil

Spread the oil

When the oil is hot, add the eggs

Fry the eggs till they are golden red all over

Cut the eggs in half.

Sprinkle some turmeric powder on the yolk side

Turn these over

Fry the yolk side till those sides are golden red as well

Remove from heat

Set them aside.

Add some more oil into the pan,

add the chopped onion


when the onion gets yellowish, add the garlic

the ginger


fry it till it is light yellow.

Add some oil

add kalojeera on the oil

let it complete popping.

Mix them well.

Add sliced green chilies

Add the sliced green chilies.


Add the tomato


Continue stirring for about 2 minutes

add the eggs

mix the eggs carefully so they do not break

continue heating for a minute

add enough water to just cover the eggs.


Add salt

Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder


Turn over some of the eggs


Bring it to a boil

Remove the cover

Turn down the heat

sprinkle 1 tbsp mustard oil on top

Add chopped cilantros

And turn off the heat

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