Phool Kopir Dalna

Phoolkopir Dalna is a common Bengali curry made with potatoes and phoolkopi, which is Cauliflower in English. There are several variations of this recipe, depending on if onions or garlic is used or not. We did not use any onion in this recipe and some people may call it non-vegetarian. The dalna is tasty and spicy and it is easy to make.


Here are the ingredients we shall need:


Wash clean and cut a cauliflower into one inch florets.
Wash, skin and then slice the potatoes into wedge shapes.
Heat a wok on the stove and when it feels hot, add about a tbsp of oil.
Then add the cauliflower and stir to coat cauliflower evenly with the oil.
Fry it till it turns golden brown and then remove from the pan and set it aside.
Into the same wok add 2-3 tbsp of oil and add bayleaf, dry red chilies and cumin seeds.
Stir and when the seeds start to pop add the potatoes.
Then continue stirring till the potatoes turn slightly brown.
Add ginger paste, the turmeric powder and the cumin powder.
Add water to cover the potatoes and add the green chilies.
Add salt and the chopped tomatoes.
Stir and cover the wok.
When the curry starts boiling in a few minutes, remove the lid and stir.
Add the cauliflower, mix and then cover.
After several minutes, remove the lid and add garam masala and sugar.
Mix well
Bring back to a boil and make sure the vegetables are fully cooked.
Add ghee and mix.
Check for salt and sweetness and adjust to taste.
Bring the curry to the right consistency either by boiling water off or adding more water.
Turn off the stove.
This completes the cauliflower dalna.
It takes about an hour and serves 4 people and its best served hot with rice or chappati

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