Chingri Malaikari

One of the delectable shrimp dish from Bengal is Chingri malaikari. Cooked with spices in cocoanut milk, it is primarily enjoyed during the festive occasions. One should buy the largest fresh water shrimp available with the shell on. In the old Bengali style, the curry is cooked with the shell on, as the fried shell adds a delicate flavor to the curry.



Marinate the cleaned shrimp with turmeric and salt

Sautee the onion with spices

Then mix the spices with the cocoanut milk, the shrimp and cook to completion


Place the deveined, cleaned and washed golda chingri or prawn, on a plate

Add 1 tbsp turmeric powder

Add 1 tsp salt


Set aside

Heat a pan or wok to medium

Add about 2 tbsp mustard oil

Let oil warm up

Add the marinated shrimp into the oil

Fry both sides till it picks up golden red color

Then remove from the heat and set aside

Add 2 tbsp oil to the same wok and heat it up

Add the dry red chili, broken to half

Add 1 bay leaf broken in half

Add the chopped onion

Fry till onion softens and becomes translucent

Add chopped garlic

Add chopped ginger

Stir for 2-3 minutes

Add roasted cumin powder

Add the chili powder

Add the chopped tomato

Add about a tsp salt

Stir till tomatoes mix together with spices and becomes thick paste

Add 1 small can of cocoanut milk

Stir for a minute

Wash the milk can with water and add into the mix

Add the fried shrimp



Let the mixture come to boil

Remove cover

You can adjust the consistency by adding water, if needed

Test for salt and add if needed

If you add water, then bring it to boil again

Add Bengali garam masala


Turn off the heat

Garnish with 2 sliced green chilies

This completes the chingri malai curry.

Takes about 30-40 minutes

Serve the curry with hot steamed Basmati rice

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