Rice fry

You won’t find this dish being served during fancy occasions, nor is it offered in any restaurants. But this is a quick and easy dish that allows one to use up the leftover rice when there is no daal or curry to go with it.



The recipe has 3 steps:

1. Use left over rice or if you cook fresh, then cool it to room temperature.

2. Sautee the spices

3. Mix the rice with the spices and heat it all up.


1. Heat a wok on a stove

2. Add mustard oil and spread the oil in the wok

3. When the oil is hot add dry red chilies

4. Add mustard seed

5. As the mustard seed starts crackling, add the sliced onion

6. Stir till the chopped onion turns light brown

7. Add the hing (asafetida)

8. Add turmeric powder

9. Add salt

10. Stir

11. Add the rice

12. Break up the rice lumps and thoroughly mix the rice with the spices

(If you want, you may cover it for a minute or two on low heat)

13. This completes the rice fry

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes

And enough for 2 to 3 people

Serve it hot

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