Vegetable Cutlet

Our vegetable cutlet is a combination of potatoes, carrots beets and spices that is breaded and then fried. It’s a delicious appetizer or side dish and perfect for treating family members or guests either daily or on special occasions. And not only is it good to eat, it’s rich in iron, carotene and fiber to boot!



1. Peel the beets and cut them into pieces.
2. With the skin on, cut the potatoes into medium pieces.
3. Skin and then cut the carrot into small slices.

4. Boil them either in a pressure cooker or in a pot over a regular stove.
5. Skin and chop the onions.
6. Have some chopped garlic and ginger paste in separate containers.
7. Then slice some green chili.
8. Chop some cilantro as well. Here are the herbs and spices:

9. When the boiled vegetables are soft, move those into a bowl and peel the potato skins. Then mash them with a ladle or a mechanical masher.

When it is done we are ready for the second step.
10. Pour oil into a medium hot pan and when the oil is hot, add the chopped onion to the oil and stir.
11. When the onion becomes golden brown, add the chopped garlic,
12. Add green chili,13. Add red chili powder and13. Finally add the ginger paste.
14. Stir them together.
15. Then, add the salt and mix.

16. When the spice mixture turns brown, add the mashed vegetable mix.
17. Stir them together. The vegetable mix will produce some water as you stir. Make sure the vegetables don’t stick to the bottom and get burned.
18. Then add the cilantro.
19. Continue stirring until the mix becomes semi dried, such that you can shape them into patties. When done it will look like this.

20. At this point stop heating and allow the mixture to cool down.
21. Bring out the bread crumbs and break two eggs into a shallow dish.
22. Whisk the eggs to create a batter that will be used to stick the bread crumbs onto the patties.
23. Start making the vegetable patties by hand. It is better to make several patties before you start frying because that way you can fry as many patties as possible in the pan.

24. Add oil to a medium hot pan and as the oil is being heated, dip the patties one at a time in the egg batter and then cover them with the bread crumbs.

25. When the oil is hot, add the crumb covered patties in the hot oil. Be careful that the hot oil does not splatter.

26. After a minute or two of frying on one side, check to see if they have turned golden brown and then turn them over with a spatula. It will take several minutes to complete the frying.

27. When the patties become dark brown on all the sides, as shown, remove the cutlets from the oil and put them on a clean, dry plate.

This completes the vegetable cutlet preparation.  When the cutlets are cooled, serve them with your favorite sauce.

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